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Kaspersky was banned

In this episode of the DarkBox Archive, Andrew and Josh discuss the US government’s ban on Kaspersky cybersecurity products. They cover the reasons behind the ban, including concerns about potential exploitation by Russian intelligence agencies, and its implications for users and businesses. For more information, visit darkboxsecurity.com and join their Discord community. … Continue readingKaspersky was banned

Cybersecurity Incident Response

In this episode of the DarkBox Archive, Andrew, Thai, and Josh explore incident response in cybersecurity. They define it as a structured approach to managing security breaches, aiming to limit damage and reduce recovery time. Key steps include Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, and Lessons Learned. They emphasize the importance of having a plan, effective detection, damage control, threat removal, careful recovery, and post-incident analysis. Best practices include updating plans, fostering cybersecurity awareness, using automated tools, and clear communication protocols. Visit darkboxsecurity.com for more resources and join their community on Discord. … Continue readingCybersecurity Incident Response

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