Kaspersky was banned

The DarkBox Archive
The DarkBox Archive
Kaspersky was banned

In this episode of the DarkBox Archive, we discuss the US government’s recent ban on Kaspersky cybersecurity products for businesses and individuals. We delve into the background of Kaspersky, a major Moscow-based cybersecurity provider, and the reasons behind the ban, including concerns about potential exploitation by Russian intelligence agencies.

We explain the implications for users and businesses, noting that federal agencies have 90 days to remove Kaspersky software, while private businesses and individuals are advised to avoid using Kaspersky products.

The discussion concludes with an analysis of what this situation means for the future of cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of trust and transparency in the industry, and suggesting that other countries might re-evaluate their use of foreign cybersecurity products.

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Author: thegreenknight

The Green Knight (GK) is the Chief Cyber Investigator of DarkBox Security System. GK is hacker that seeks to help protect people and businesses from blackhat hackers and fraudsters.

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